Robobloq Line Follower Sensor with RJ11 Connecting Wire in Pakistan

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The line follower sensor can help the robot to track white lines or black lines (black lines on a white background or black lines on a white background can be detected). The module has two infrared sensors with low delay and can detect the status of ground lines in real-time.



  • Two on-board blue LEDs are used for detection feedback.
  • Note that this module is susceptible to natural light and has certain limitations on fields with large variations in ambient light.
  • Support Arduino IDE programming, and provide runtime to simplify programming.
  • Support Robobloq graphical programming for all ages.
  • The on-board gold-immersed M4 mounting holes are easy to install and use the RJ11 interface for convenient connection.

4. How to use it?

  • Assembly: With four mounting holes, be careful not to damage the components on the board or cause a short circuit during installation.
  • Wiring: It can be connected to the black ports of Qmind or Qmind plus board.
  • Programming blocks

Package Includes:

1 x Robobloq Line Follower Sensor with RJ11 Connecting Wire

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Usman - July 07, 2022