Serial to Ethernet module serial server MCU networking module CH9121 module In Pakistan

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The TCP-232-V5 network module is a network module that transparently transmits TCP or UDP network packets and serial (TTL level) packets. As a multi-function embedded data conversion module, the module integrates hardware TCP/IP protocol stack and 10/100M Ethernet data link layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY). Users can easily connect terminals to the network through the serial port, greatly reducing development time and development costs.

The module parameters can be modified in real time through serial port or network sending instructions or can be queried and set by one-click parameter setting software provided by Clayman Technology. The serial port baud rate supports 300~921600bps. Work module mode hasTCP_Server, TCP_Client, UDP_Client, UDP_Server four.

The module is a universal serial-to-Ethernet transparent transmission device, which can be connected to MCUs such as 51, AVR, PIC, ARM, etc. or other serial port (TTL) devices.

  1. Support 5V or 3.3V power supply, choose one;
  2. Serial port TTL level, pin IO compatible with 3.3V and 5V voltage;
  3. Serial port baud rate supports 300 ~ 921600bps;
  4. The serial port supports full-duplex and half-duplex serial communication, and supports RS485 transceiver automatic switching;
  5. Two-way transparent transmission of serial data and network data;
  6. Support MDI/MDIX polarity automatic conversion, cross-connect or directly connect the network cable to any connection, the module automatically switches;
  7. Supports DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address and supports DNS domain name access.
  8. Support the KEEPALIVE mechanism;
  9. Support virtual serial port software, virtualize the network port into a computer COM port;
  10. the working mode supports TCP CLIENT, TCP SERVER, UDP CLIENT and UDP SERVER 4 modes;
  11. Supports 10/100M, full-duplex/half-duplex adaptive Ethernet interface, compatible with 802.3 protocol;
  12. Set the serial port and network parameters of the chip through software and serial commands, and save the parameters after power off;
  13. Search and check all devices in the LAN through the UDP broadcast protocol to facilitate unified management of devices
The Basic Parameters:
  1. Operating voltage DC3.3V / 5 V
  2. Operating current 200mA at 5 V
  3. Power consumption ≤ 1 W
  4. Operating temperature-40-85 ° C
  5. Storage temperature-55 ~ 125 ° C
Support Software:
  1. Configuration of parameters: network configuration software, series in command
  2. Module test: test software (Network, series one)
Product Size: Pin Description:
  1. RESET: factory reset pin, module power-on detection, low active
  2. DIR: RS485 receive send pin control switch
  3. TCPCS: TCP client mode, port connection status indicator pin, the connection has a low output
  4. Execution: pin indicating the operating status of the module, 2 Hz square wave input
  5. GND: Power ground pin
  6. 3.3 V: power input pin of 3.3 V DC, greater than Ma, and 5 V DC power supply as an alternative
  7. GND: Power ground pin
  8. 5 V: Power input pin of 5 V DC, greater than 200mA, And the 3.3 VDC power supply can choose one of the two
  9. RSTI: the reset pin, the internal push-up, low-effective, cannot be empty
  10. CFG: serial port configuration module, integrated activation pin, low efficiency, does not have to be empty
  11. RXD: serial data reception pin, serial port TTL level, compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V
  12. TXD: Serial data transmission pin series TTL level compatible with 3.3V and 5V
  13. GND: Energy ground pin
  14. 3.3 V: 3.3 VDC power input pin, greater than Ma, and 5 VDC power supply as an alternative
  15. GND: Power ground pin
  16. 5 V: Power input pin of 5 V DC, greater than 200mA, with the optional 3.3 VDC power supply can be
Package Includes:

1XSerial to Ethernet module serial server MCU networking module CH9121 module

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