Soldering Iron TIP Cleaner Soldering Sponge In Pakistan

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This wet Soldering Iron TIP Cleaner  Soldering Sponge  is used to clean the corrosion on the tip of the iron. A dry Soldering Sponge  does nothing but damage the tip. Every time you pull the iron from the stand, it’s a good idea to swipe the tip on the sponge just to clean it off and get a nice silver tip it will allow you to solder much more quickly and cleanly.

Features of Soldering Sponge :

  • 100%sponge
  • Sponges for cleaning the soldering iron
  • The traditional water seeping sponge is soft and does not hurt the tool. Cleaner than iron ball
  • Sponge expansion size after water absorption
  • Water is needed before use
  • dimension 37mm by 55mm

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sohaib - July 07, 2022