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ULN2803A SMD Hi-Voltage Current Darlington Transistor Array

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ULN2803A smd is High-Voltage, High Current Darlington Transistor Arrays is 8 NPN Darlington connected transistors in this family of arrays are ideally suited for interfacing between low logic level digital circuitry (such as TTL, CMOS or PMOS/NMOS) and the higher current/voltage requirements of lamps, relays, printer hammers or other similar loads for a broad range of computer, industrial, and consumer applications. All devices feature open–collector outputs and free wheeling clamp diodes for transient suppression.


  1. TTL, DTL, PMOS, or CMOS-Compatible Inputs
  2. Output Current to 500 mA
  3. Output Voltage to 50 V

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Huzaifa janjua - July 07, 2022