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Unassembled Arduino P10 LED Dot Matrix Display Driver Shield

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Arduino P10 LED Dot Matrix Display Driver Shield ,This is plug and play type Arduino Shield which enables you to add Scrolling Led Display to your project. Arduino P10 LED Dot Matrix Display Driver Shield is very simple to use this shield with your arduino uno r3. Just plug it with arduino uno and Panel Data wire to Shield and its ready to program. 512 LED matrix panel has on-board controller circuitry designed to make it easy to use straight from your board. Clocks, status displays, graphics readouts and all kinds of impressive display projects are easy to create using this display. The photos don’t do this display justice: it’s stunningly bright, so put on your sunglasses before you fire it up! This handy Dot Matrix Display Connector allows you to plug an LED panel with a HUB12 interface straight in to an Arduino-compatible board.


  1. Suits displays with a HUB12 interface
  2. Pin spacing to suit Arduino compatible headers
  3. Connector for 10-way ribbon cable for DMD (not included)
  4. Arduino compatible library, graphics functions and example support


Compatible with the following LED panels:

  1. Red DMD
  2. Blue DMD
  3. Green DMD
  4. White DMD
  5. Yellow DMD
  6. Red DMD

Package Includes:

  • 1x Arduino P10 LED Dot Matrix pcb
  • 1x Male Haeder
  • 1x Female Header
  • 1x Green Connector

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Khalil - July 07, 2022