Water Flow sensor YF S201C

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YF S201C Water flow sensors is a simple sensor for measuring the flow of liquids. YF S201C Consists of a pinwheel that has a magnet and Hall sensors. By counting the pulses of a hanging fan, in a simple way, you can measure the flow of liquids. With this method, the electronic part of the sensor has no contact with water. Water flow sensors are installed at the water source or pipes to measure the rate of flow of water and calculate the amount of water flowed through the pipe. This is a 1/2" inch size water flow sensor made by rotor assembly and the Hall sensor. Can be fixed with 1/2" pipe and mounted at the inlet end of the heater, for detecting a water flow, when the flow of water through the rotor assembly and the speed of rotation of the rotor with a magnetic flow change, a pulse signal corresponding to the Hall sensor output, the feedback to the controller, the control is to determine the size of the water flow regulation.

Features Of Water Flow sensor YF-S201C:

  1. The appearance of this product is light and flexible, small size, easy to install
  2. The impeller with stainless steel beads inside, always wear.
  3. Seal using the upper and lower force structure will never leak.
  4. Hall elements imported from Germany, and encapsulated with potting, To prevent water, never aging.
  5. All raw materials are in line with ROSH testing standards


  1. Red VCC, black GND, yellow frequency signal type
  2. Signal type: NPN square frequency
  3. Voltage supply: less than 24VDC, current use 15mA (can not be over 10ma when 5VDC)
  4. Size 54(Length)*25(1/2”) mm
  5. Very rigid plastic, quality is good.
  6. the impeller has embedded metal ball to against wearable
  7. sealed side can prevent water leakage into the circuit.
  8. High-quality internal hall sensor, glue sealed to against wearable
  9. Withstand pressure: 1.75Mpa, temperature and humanity range: ≤80℃ and 35%~90%RH

The device has three wires:

  • red - supply voltage from 5 V to approximately 24 V
  • black - ground
  • yellow - pulse output signal

By counting pulses you can track the fluid flow in a simple way. It should be noted that this is not a sensor for precision measurements. However, it is ideal for use in hobbies that do not require greater accuracy than 10 %.


Sensing range: 1-30L/min, 300 pulse = 1 liter water. Frequency, pulse number = F=5*Q(L/Min)*T-3 in which Q is the unit flow volume, liter per meter, T is the time, 5 and 3 is the constant value, for example, 5 * 1 liter * 60 sec – 3 =300 pulse precision is ±2%


Water flow sensor Datasheet

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