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WTK6900B01 voice module is a voice recognition module, small size, voice recognition distance up to 2~3m in a quiet environment. You can add SPI Flash to increase memory size.

Following are the main functions:  Voice recognition function: Can identify the default speech words and phrases, output both through the serial port and IO port, identify the result.  Voice play function: Through MCU instructions, play the specified voice, at the same time, through the BUSY pin mark, judge whether there is voice play.

  1. Voice recognition rate up to 90% within half a meter.
  2. Control output through voice command.
  3. Play the specified voice through MCU serial communication control.
  4. Three output modes: serial output, IO output, speaker output.
  5. PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8Ω or 1W/8Ω speaker.
  6. Have the differential amplifier circuit.
  7. Voice recognition distance up to 2~3m in a quiet environment.
  8. Can add SPI flash to increase the storage capacity.
  9. Can store many groups of words.
  10. Speaker-independent recognition.
  11. Support 32 languages, such as Chinese, English, Cantonese, Japanese etc.
  1. Toys: parrot talk, storyteller, music player, etc.
  2. Switches: light switch, brightness adjustment, etc.
  3. Voice broadcast: prompt tone for small household appliances.
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Sherry - July 07, 2022