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YIHUA YH 1501T DC Power Supply

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Yihua YH-1501T 15V 1A Regulated dc power supply 220V voltage regulator adjustable power supply mobile phone repair testing equipment is small and convenient body, easy to carry. High accuracy and reliability.

YIHUA YH 1501T DC Power Supply Feature:

  • Fault alarm function.
  • With short circuit protuction and automatic recovery feature.
  • With radio frequency(RF) detection.
  • Power function: to provide 0-15V DC power output function.Current 0-1A output function.
  • Short circuit protection and restoration functions: after power protect,5 seconds the
  • restoration of electricity,this feature can be used the switch to open and close.
  • Voltage test function:you can test the DC voltage between 0-49.9V.
  • The reliable quality,high stability and durability.

YIHUA YH 1501T DC Power Supply Specifications

  1. The power supply input: we can make 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC
  2. Electric current : 0-1A 0-100mA
  3. Output voltage: 0-15V DC
  4. The test voltage:0-99.9V
  5. Have 9 v voltage output function
  6. Power supply input:220V AC
  7. maximum power:35w max
  8. Work temperature: 40oC-70oC
  9. Empty carry to exhaust: <0.25W

Package Includes:

  • 1 x YIHUA-1501T 15V 1A Regulated Power Supply

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