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100W Adjustable DC Boost Converter with Display In Pakistan

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Electronic Project needs a power supply and in some cases, you might need to step-up or boost the voltage. Example from 4xAA battery, step up the voltage to 12V and power the Arduino via DC jack input.

Well, this high power adjustable boost convert will help you. Comes with 3 digits 7-segment display to show the Vin or Vout (configurable via a push button), you do not need an additional multimeter to measure the input or output voltage :) Very Handy and beginner friendly. With the built-in multiturn (high precision) potentiometer/variable resistor/adjustable resistor, you can easily adjust the output voltage (step up) with a flat screwdriver. To dissipate heat generated and provides continuous high efficiency, the module is mounted with a heatsink too. How awesome is that?

This boost converter supports a wide range of input voltage from 3.0V to 35VDC and is able to boost/step-up voltage up to 35V.

Note: This is a boost/step-up converter, Output Voltage is equal or greater than Input Voltage even it is adjustable.

From our tests, the maximum continuous output current is 6A if the Vout > Vin is less than 2V. Peak output current is at 9A. The more voltage difference between Vout and Vin, the more heat is generated and less continuous output current.

Since it is switching module (SMPS, Switch Module Power Supply), it offers high power efficiency, maximum of 96.7%.

Note: By default, the 7-segment display will show a voltage of Vin, short press the push button will switch the 7-segment to show Vout. Press and hold for 3 seconds, the display will off to save power.

  1. SMPS module
  2. Boost Converter Switching Power Module
  3. Adjustable output voltage: 3.5V to 35V
  4. Wide range input voltage: 3.0V to 35V
  5. Vin < 4V, the 7 segment display is disabled
  6. Step up converter, Vout >= Vin
  7. Comes with 3-digit 7 segment display, to show Vin or Vout (LED indicator)
  8. A Push Button to configure the 7 segment display
  9. Maximum output current:
  10. Peak: 9A
  11. Maximum Continuous: 6A
  12. Output voltage ripple: 24mV
  13. Efficiency: 96.7% max
  14. Rated Power: 75W
  15. No reverse polarity protection
  16. Dimension: 67mm x 43mm x 12mm
Package Includes:

1 x 100W Adjustable DC Boost Converter with Display

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Zuhair - July 07, 2022