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Audio Decoder TF Module USB Radio for Car with Bluetooth V3.0 MP3 WMA

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Audio Decoder TF Module USB Radio for Car with Bluetooth V3.0 MP3 WMA

With the Bluetooth module audio receiver, cell phones and pairs of Bluetooth modules is connected, through the cell phone to play MP3, which greatly facilitates the characteristics of the product and entertainment. This MP3 Bluetooth Speaker V3.0 decoder board is also available to play MP3 files from U disk or SD card, as well as a radio broadcast.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS + PCB
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Product size: 107.2 * 25.7mm
  • Weight: 18.5g
  • Interface: USB / SD / AUX
  • Output amplitude:> 600MV
  • Rated input: 5V / 0.2A
  • Rated Usage: USB Games: <120MA, Other Games: <80MA
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60 ° C


  • Support U flash / SD / MMC card
  • Support MP3 / WAV / WMA / flac format audio
  • Support FAT16, FAT32 file system
  • Support MP1 Layer3, MP2 Layer3, MP3 Layer3 music
  • Support 32-320kbps MP3 music
  • Support AUX and the volume can be adjusted
  • Support FM Radio
  • Support LED indicator, working status and playing time
  • Card reader function support
  • Support USB sound card function
  • With bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, bluetooth tramsmission speed can be up to 3Mbps, working distance up to 10meters
  • Support Bluetooth protocol L2CAP / A2DP (AVCTP / AVDTP / AVRCP) to receive stereo audio signal
  • Support controling previous / next / play / pause operation of the transmitter via bluetooth protocol
  • no need antenna

Package List:

  • 1x Bluetooth MP3 decoder board
  • 1x remote control

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Abdullah - July 07, 2022