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20Cm Pin To Hole Jumper Wire Dupont Line 40 Pin Male To Female Arduino Jumper Wires

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20Cm Pin To Hole Jumper Wire Dupont Line 40 Pin Male To Female Arduino Jumper Wires also named as male to female jumper wire is very useful while prototyping electronics circuits. A jump wire (also known as jumper, jumper wire, jumper cable, DuPont wire, or DuPont cable – named for one manufacturer of them) is an electrical wire or group of them in a cable with a connector or pin at each end (or sometimes without them – simply “tinned”), which is normally used to interconnect the components of a breadboard or other prototype or test circuit, internally or with other equipment or components, without soldering. Individual jump wires are fitted by inserting their “end connectors” into the slots provided in a breadboard, the header connector of a circuit board, or a piece of test equipment.

Handy for making wire harnesses or jumpering between headers on PCB’s. These premium jumper wires are 6″ (150mm) long and come in a ‘strip’ of 40 (4 pieces of each of ten rainbow colors). They have 0.1″ male header contacts on either end and fit cleanly next to each other on standard-pitch 0.1″ (2.54mm) header. The best part is they come in a 40-pin ribbon cable. You can always pull the ribbon wires off to make individual jumpers, or keep them together to make neatly organized wire harnesses.

20cm Male To Female Arduino Jumper Wires Features:

  1. Color: as shown in the pictures.
  2. Material: high-grade copper wire.
  3. Each cable length: about 20cm /8-inch.
  4. 40-pin Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cables
  5. Pin to Pin distance is 0.1″(2.54mm) .
  6. Easy and safe to use.
  7. Individually useable

Package includes:

  • 1x 40-pin wires

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shahwaiz Aslam - July 07, 2022