31MM XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer

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XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer depends on the dielectric properties you require from your PCB. XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer, more often you’ll be using Fiberglasses such as FR-4 or Paperboard PCBs. Fiberglass PCBs deliver strength and flexibility so it’s best to use a snap-in or snap-fit spacer. Paperboard PCBs are more rigid and can fracture without the right support. You can use a push spacer to give support without penetrating the PCB, even when there is no mounting point. PCB supports are designed to locate a distance between the PCB and another side. PCB supports have an internal M3.5 thread, snap-in head or adhesive back.

Features of XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer:

  1. Good resistance to corrosive substances
  2. Plastic spacers
  3. Cost-effective for when manufacturing in high volumes*
  4. Perfect when weight needs to be kept to a minimum
  5. Non-conductive of electricity, mitigating the risk of short-circuits

Specifications of XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer:

  1. Material: Nylon
  2. Colour: White
  3. Flammability: 94V-2
  4. Working temperature: -20-120
  5. PCB drilled hole: 3.5- 4mm
  6. PCB thickness: 1-2.2mm

Package Includes:

1 x XLB Nylon PCB Board Rivet Spacer

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Umer Warraich - July 07, 2022