SN75176AP DIP 8 RS 422 485 line driver

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Differential Bus Transceiver

The SN75176A differential bus transceiver is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for bidirectional data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines. It is designed for balanced transmission lines and meets ANSI Standard EIA/TIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11.


* Bidirectional Transceiver

* Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI Standards EIA/TIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11

* Designed for Multipoint Transmission on Long Bus Lines in Noisy Environments

* 3-State Driver and Receiver Outputs

* Individual Driver and Receiver Enables

* Wide Positive and Negative Input/Output Bus Voltage Ranges

* Driver Output Capability . . . +/-60mA Max

* Thermal-Shutdown Protection

* Driver Positive- and Negative-Current Limiting

* Receiver Input Impedance . . . 12kOhm Min

* Receiver Input Sensitivity . . . +/-200mV

* Receiver Input Hysteresis . . . 50mV Typ

* Operates From Single 5V Supply

* Low Power Requirements

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Khalil - July 07, 2022