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7s 24v 20A 18650 Lithium Lion Battery Charger Module Protection Board BMS PCB With Wire

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Features And Specifications Of 7S 20A Li-ion Lithium Battery PCB BMS 18650 Charger Protection Board:

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Material: Electrical components
  • Equilibrium current: 80 mA(VCELL=4.20V)
  • Supported battery type: 7 cells 4.2V Lithium-ion battery
  • Balancing the locus of control: 4.18±0.03 V
  • Overcharge threshold: 4.3±0.05 V
  • Overcharge time delay: 75mS
  • Overcharge release: 4.1±0.05 V
  • Discharge threshold: 2.4±0.08 V
  • Discharge delay: 5mS
  • Working current: 20 A
  • Overcurrent threshold: 30 A
  • Static power: <500uA
  • Overcharge protection function:Yes
  • Discharge protection function:Yes
  • Over current protection function:Yes
  • Balanced protection function:Yes
  • Over-current release: Disconnect the load release
  • Short circuit protection function: Yes(Disconnect the load can be recovered.)
  • This Lithium-ion battery protection PCB protects single Lithium-ion batteries. with 20A continuous current.
  • Suitable for electric drills, motors,or aircraft models which require heavy current load.

Package Include:

  • 1 x 7S 20A Li-ion Lithium Battery Charger

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