30mm Length For 2mm Size 1st Generation IPEX to SMA Female Antenna Connector

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Adapter cable for connecting GSM/GPRS module IPX connector to GSM antenna SMA connector: The IPX-SMA cable is used to connect the external GSM antenna to the GSM/GPRS communication module. It has female IPX and SMA connectors. As the adapter i15cm long, you can either place the antenna connector on the outside of the enclosure or easily install the antenna inside it. can be used to connect an antenna with SMA connector, e.g. ANT-GSM-E, ANT-OBU-Q, ANT-900/1800 designed for modules: GSM-X, GPRS-T1, GPRS-T2, GPRS-T4, GPRS-T6, GSM LT-1, GSM LT-2, GSM-4, GSM-5, MICRA alarm control panels: INTEGRA 128-WRL, PERFECTA I VERSA Plus total length: 15 cm

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Nona - July 07, 2022