Adjustable Temperature Hot Glue Gun In Pakistan

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This is the best-reviewed and most-reliable adjustable hot glue gun.

  1. Easily adjusts from low temperature to high temperature 100°C to 220°C (212°F - 428°F) to use with any glue stick
  2. Non-clogging, non-dripping precision copper nozzle (also interchangeable)
  3. 110W power with only 3-5 minute warm up time
  4. Large "ready" light illuminates when set temperature is reached
  5. Uses standard full-sized 7/16"-1/2" (10.8mm-12.5mm) glue sticks (sold separately)
  6. Automatic over-heat protection
  7. Works with 100-240V 50-60Hz power

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sohaib - July 07, 2022