ATC 10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank

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10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank, doing excellent work recharging lives and preventing discontinuity due to low battery. Panda Lite Power Bank is quite a large amount of power backup, and it is all tapped into a very compact build with minimalistic exterior designs. It is one of the most popular phone chargers as it gives three and a half charge cycles to the phones. Although Quick Charge feature is absent, the charging is quicker due to the combination of Power IQ and Voltage Boost, both of the features which are exclusively present in ATC 10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank. The compact packaging of the charger makes it safer to use as a MultiProtect safety system protects it.

Features of ATC 10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank:

  1. Brand ATC
  2. Fast Charger
  3. Charging Display
  4. Durable
  5. Long-Lasting
  6. Over Charging Protection

Specifications of ATC 10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank:

  1. 10000mAh Original
  2. Input 5V- 1.5---2 Amp
  3. Output 5V 2Amp
  4. 14cm Length
  5. 5.5cm Width
  6. 1.5cm Thickness
  7. 300gm Weight

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ATC 10000mAh Panda Lite Power Bank

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Umer Ali - July 07, 2022