BF350 Strain Gauge Sensor Module

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This BF350 strain gauge sensor module uses a BF350 sensor to measure mechanical stresses in solid materials. This BF350 strain gauge sensor module includes an adjustable amplifier circuit to make it suitable for interfacing directly to a microcontroller ADC input and requires only a single 5V power supply.

Specification of BF350:

  1. Model: BF350-3AA / 1.5AA
  2. Sensitivity coefficient: 2.0
  3. Strain limit: 2%
  4. Gate wire: length x width 2×3.5mm
  5. Base dimensions: length x width 5×4.5mm
  6. Base material: modified phenolic substrates.
  7. Gate wire material: constantan
  8. Resistance: 350 Ohm
  9. Fatigue Life:> 10 million times
  10. Flux: ordinary solder rosin
  11. Reverse protection diode ~ (to prevent power reversed)
  12. Board with a blue LED power indicator
  13. Analog Output: The higher the curvature, the greater the output voltage.
  14. Output analog voltage: 0-3.5V
  15. Board size: 32 X 17mm
  16. Behind the printed board pin definitions (Bending strain gauge, you can change the output voltage)

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Bazil Riaz - July 07, 2022