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IBT2 BTS7960B BTS7960 43A H-bridge Motor Driver Module For Arduino

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The driver uses high-power driver chip BTS7960 composed of H bridge driver module, with over-temperature over-current protection. BTS7960 H bridge driver circuit, with strong drive and brake effects, the use of 74HC244 chip effectively isolated SCM and motor drive! High current 43A!

Up to 43A super-current output in extreme conditions Current diagnosis Slope adjustment Dead time is generated Over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current protection Short circuit protection Electrical performance: Model: IBT-2 Input voltage: 6V-27V Maximum current: 43A Input level: 3.3-5V Control method: PWM or level Duty cycle: 0-100 hundred

IBT2 BTS7960B BTS7960 43A H-bridge Motor Driver Module Specifications:

  1. 100% brand new and high quality
  2. Quantity: 1pc
  3. Weight: 66 g
  4. Input voltage : 6V-27V
  5. Maximum Current : 43A
  6. Input level : 3.3V-5V
  7. Control mode : PWM or level
  8. Duty cycle: 0 to 100%
  9. Current conditioning output: yes
  10. Size:50mmx40mm/1.97"X1.58"(inch) (approx)

Example code:

int RPWM=5; int LPWM=6;

int L_EN=7; int R_EN=8; int mspeed;

int btn1=9; int btn2=10; void setup() {

pinMode(5,OUTPUT); pinMode(6,OUTPUT); pinMode(7,OUTPUT); pinMode(8,OUTPUT); pinMode(12,OUTPUT);

pinMode(btn1,INPUT); pinMode(btn2,INPUT);

digitalWrite(5,LOW); digitalWrite(6,LOW); digitalWrite(7,LOW); digitalWrite(8,LOW);

Serial.begin(9600); digitalWrite(12,HIGH); delay(100); mspeed=200; FOR();


int flag=0; void loop() { REV();delay(5000); STOP();delay(5000); FOR();delay(5000); STOP();delay(5000);


void FOR() { analogWrite(RPWM,0); digitalWrite(R_EN,HIGH); digitalWrite(L_EN,HIGH); Serial.println("SOFT START"); for(int i=0;i


void REV() { ;i> analogWrite(RPWM,0); digitalWrite(R_EN,HIGH); digitalWrite(L_EN,HIGH); analogWrite(LPWM,mspeed); Serial.println("SOFT START"); for(int i=0;i //delay(100);


void STOP() { digitalWrite(R_EN,LOW); digitalWrite(L_EN,LOW); ;i> analogWrite(LPWM,0); analogWrite(RPWM,0); //delay(100);


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