IR Transmitter LED 5mm Infrared Transmitter

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IR Transmitter 5mm (INFRARED TRANSMITTER LED) or “Infrared Light Emitting Diode” allows to emit light with the wavelength of up to 940nm, which is the infrared range of electromagnetic radiation spectrum. The wavelength range varies from 760nm to 1mm. These are mostly use in the remote control of TV’s, cameras and different types of electronic instruments. The semiconductor material used to make these LEDs are gallium arsenide or aluminum arsenide. Mostly used in IR sensor as it is the combination of IR receiver and IR transmitter (IR LED). Specifications and features:
  1. Diameter : 5MM
  2. wavelength:940nm
  3. Forward Voltage: 1.2-1.3V
  4. 1.5A of surge forward current
  5. Temperature for storage and operation varies from -40 to 100 ℃
  6. Soldering Temperature should not exceed 260 ℃
  7. Power Dissipation of 150mW at 25℃ (free air temperature) or below
  8. Spectral bandwidth of 45nm
  9. Viewing angle is 30 to 40 degree
  10. 100% Brand New
Package includes 1 x IR Transmitter

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sohaib - July 07, 2022