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KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor In Pakistan

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Technical data / Short description:

Chipset: A3141 | OP-amplifier: LM393 A magnetic field is detected by the sensor and will be printed as an analog voltage value. You can control the sensitivity of the sensor with the potentiometer. Digital out: If a magnetic field is detected by the sensor, a signal will be printed here Analog out: Direct measurement of the sensor unit

LED1: Shows that the sensor is supplied with voltage LED2: Shows that the sensor detects a magnetic field Pinout

Functionality of the sensor:

The sensor has 3 main components on its circuit board. First, the sensor unit at the front of the module which measures the area physically and sends an analog signal to the second unit, the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the signal, according to the resistant value of the potentiometer, and sends the signal to the analog output of the module. The third component is a comparator which switches the digital out and the LED if the signal falls under a specific value. You can control the sensitivity by adjusting the potentiometer.

Please notice: The signal will be inverted; that means that if you measure a high value, it is shown as a low voltage value at the analog output.

This sensor doesn’t show absolute values (like exact temperature in °C or magnetic field strength in mT). It is a relative measurement: you define an extreme value to a given normal environment situation and a signal will be sent if the measurement exceeds the extreme value.

It is perfect for temperature control (KY-028), the proximity switch (KY-024, KY-025, KY-036), detecting alarms (KY-037, KY-038) or rotary encoder (KY-026).

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Asfi - July 07, 2022

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