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Mechanic HX-T100 0.4mm 50 Grams Soldering Wire

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Mechanic HX-T100 0.3mm 50 Grams Soldering Wire is a fusible alloy used to join less fusible metals or wires etc.50 Grams Soldering Wire is comprised of different alloys, or of pure tin. Each metal requires a certain type of soldering wire to create strong bonds because of the combinations of metals that comprise soldering wire melt at different temperatures.

Features of Mechanic HX-T100 0.3mm 50 Grams Soldering Wire:

  1. Good solderability
  2. 100% Brand New and High quality
  3. insulation resistance
  4. No spattering and Non-corrosive.

Specifications of Mechanic HX-T100 0.3mm 50 Grams Soldering Wire:

  1. Rosin core solder
  2. FLUX: 1.2%
  3. Wire diameter: 0.3mm
  4. Weight: 50g
  5. Material: Tin


  1. Widely used in electrical and electronics
  2. Solder parts like a circuit board
  3. Electronics devices and others.
  4. DIY projects.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mechanic HX-T100 0.3mm Fine Leaded Solder Wire

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Naveed - July 07, 2022