Mechanic Soldering Flux Paste PCB BGA Welding Flux Gel Tin MCN-UV50

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Rosin flux is used to facilitate soldering. PCB Soldering Paste cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows the solder to create strong, long-lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. Welding Flux also acts as a wetting agent, increasing the flow of solder and the efficiency of the soldering process. This rosin soldering flux paste is the best for

  • IC and PCB for no corrosive
  • . Mechanic Flux Paste has a high bond strength and PH value-neutral. Solder Gel is also applicable for mobile phones, PC cards, and other sophisticated electronic chip-level welding.

    Features Of High synthetic BGA PCB PGA SMD Solder Flux Paste:

    • 100% brand new and high quality.
    • High synthetic BGA Solder Paste Tin Rosin-Based Flux Paste Cream.
    • PH value neutral, insulation is strong, welding surface smooth.
    • Professional Soldering Tin Flux for PC Cards Electronic Chip-level Welding.
    • Its boiling point only slightly higher than the melting point of the solder.
    • Unique recipes, perfect performance, easy to weld, solder bright and full, no weld, false welding, and so on.
    • Good soldering and welding tools.
    • IC and PCB for no corrosive
    • Super compacity: Applicable to PCB, BGA, SMD, PGA repair, Soldering, etc.
    • Rosin-based Solder Paste.

    Specifications Of BGA Soldering Grease Paste Tin Cream for Mobile Phone:

    1. Material: Plastic+ Rosin-based solder paste
    2. Size: 50g
    3. Type: Rosin-based BGA solder flux cream
    4. Viscosity: 0.2Pas
    5. Granularity: 0.22um
    6. Application: for Phone BGA Board Soldering Fixing
    7. Function: PC Cards Electronic Chip-level Welding

    Package Include:

    • 1x Soldering Flux Paste UV50

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