Multipurpose Sealant Epoxy Adhesive Glue B7000 50ml

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This Multipurpose glue has industrial-grade adhesive power which is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong. Penetrates the finest micro-fractures, pores, and cracks. Liquid strong Glue works like a magnet locks into place, and holds on tight Super Adhesive Glue B-7000 can be used in the busy traffic area as the protection layer of the contact surface. Epoxy Resin Liquid Glue has good acid and alkali resistance and can be used as an anti-corrosive protective coating in an acid-base environment, such as brine or sulphuric acid. Insulation performance has excellent dielectric insulation and resistance. It is suitable for electronic equipment.

Features Of b7000 glue Epoxy resin Liquid Glue Superglue b-7000 adhesive telephone glue repair point diamond jewelry DIY glue:

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Transparent b7000 glue, strong adhesive ability, wide use range.
  • Environmental, won't hurt other material.
  • Won't turn to white after solidification.
  • With point head, no need to cut, convenient for use.
  • No running or dripping of glue during application. Dries clear with no strong odor.
  • The adhesive works like a magnet lock into place and hold on tight
  • It's not flammable.
  • High impact resistance and will not shrink, burst, or solidify without forming vertical flow.
  • After curing, it can be ground, ground, filled, lightly hammered, cut holes, and can sweep most of the paint.
  • It can be molded into any shape to replace damaged or missing pieces.
  • It can be built on both sides and vertical surfaces without dropping flow.
  • Easy to blend with colors, powdered colorants, most water-based colorants, and food dyes.

Specifications Of Original b7000 Glue Mobile Phone Touch Screen Superglue Toys Adhesive Repair Glue:

  1. Model: B-7000
  2. Material: Glue
  3. Capacity: 50ml
  4. Glue Color: Transparent
  5. Surface Solidification Time: 3-5minutes.
  6. Complete Solidification Time: 8-10Hours

Package Include:

  • 1x Super Adhesive Glue B-7000

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