PIC18F4620 Microcontroller

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PIC18F4620 microcontroller belongs to ‘PIC18F’ family of microcontrollers. PIC18F4620 microchip controller is one of the popular Microcontrollers from the microchip technology, comes with a high-performance, enhanced flash, USB microcontroller with nano-Watt-Technology. This is an 8-bit microcontroller popular among makers and engineers due to its features and easy applications. PIC18F4620 pic microcontroller comes in various packages like DIP, QPF and QPN and can be selected according to the project requirement.

Features Of Enhanced FLASH Microcontroller PIC 18F4620:

  • 40 MHz Max. CPU Speed
  • 75 Instructions – 83 with Extended Instruction Set Enabled
  • 31 Level Hardware Stack
  • Internal Oscillator – Selectable frequencies from 8 MHz to 31 kHz
  • 25 I/O Pins – PIC18F2525/2620 Models
  • 36 I/O Pins – PIC18F4525/4620 Models
  • nanoWatt Technology
  • Power-On Reset (POR)
  • Power-Up Timer (PWRT)
  • Oscillator Start-Up Timer (OST)
  • Brown-Out Reset (BOR)
  • Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • High/Low-Voltage Detection (HLVD) Module
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
  • In-Circuit Debug (ICD)

Peripherals Features Of PIC18F4620 Microchip Technology Microcontroller:

  • 10-bit Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) – PIC18F2525/2620 10 Channel; PIC18F4525/4620 13 Channel
  • Capture, Compare, PWM Modules – PIC18F2525/2620 x 2; PIC18F4525/4620 x 1
  • One Enhanced Capture, Compare, PWM Module – PIC18F4525/4620 Models Only
  • Two Comparators
  • One 8-bit Timer
  • Three 16-bit Timers
  • Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) Module with SPI and I2C
  • Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (EUSART)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x PIC18F4620 USB Microcontroller

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