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ROBOTIC CAR KIT Makers Space IT Lab Punjab Government

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RASPBERRY PI KIT Makers Space IT Lab Punjab Government here are list of required products.

ROBOTIC CAR KIT Sr. Item(s) Item Details / Specifications Qty 1 Arduino UNO R3 Microcontroller ATmega328P DIP ATMEGA32u4 USB Convertor Operating Voltage 5V Input Voltage 7-12V Input Voltage (limit) 6-20V Digital I/O Pins 14 PWM Digital I/O Pins 6 Analog Input Pins 6 Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328P) of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader SRAM 2 KB (ATmega328P) EEPROM 1 KB Clock Speed 16 MHz LED_BUILTIN 13 1 2 Arduino Cable USB 2.0 Cable Type A/B Shielded Heavy Duty Connect Arduino Uno or any board with the USB female A port of your computer. 1 3 Arduino UNO Case Arduino Uno Enclosure - Clear Plastic The enclosure provides slots to access each header, USB port, power jack, the reset button, AREF and ICSP connectors, as well as feet and vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling and slide-in wall mounting slots. All of the status LEDs on the Uno are visible through the case thanks to light pipes embedded in the design. 1 4 Li-ion Cell 18560 Frame size: 9V Block Dimensions (L x B x H mm): 26,2 x 15,2 x 48,5 Weight (g): 40.0 Electrochemical System: Nickel-Metal Hybrid Capacity: 200mAh Nominal Voltage: 8.4V Jacket: Plastic Int. Frame size to IEC: HR6F22 3 5 18650 Li-ion 3 Cell Holder Wire ends stripped and tinned Battery Connector Dimensions: 28mm (1.1") length x 15.8mm (0.6") width x 6.3mm (0.24") height Total Length: 18cm (7") Wire Length: 15cm (5.9") 1 6 Prototyping Board 400 Point Solderless PCB Half size Breadboard – 400 Tie Points This is a half size breadboard with 400 tie points, it is half the length of the standard size breadboard 20-29 AWG (0.3-0.8mm) wire. 55mm x 85mm x 10mm Weight: 40 grams 1 7 Bluetooth Bluetooth HC 05 Typical -80dBm sensitivity Up to +4dBm RF transmit power Low Power 1.8V Operation 1.8 to 3.6V I/O PIO control UART interface with programmable baud rate With integrated antenna With edge connector 1 8 Switch This single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) rocker switch makes a great on/off power switch. It is rated for 10 A at 125 VAC and 6 A at 250 VAC. 1 9 IN4001 Rectifier Diode 0 1N4007 Rectifier Diode Low Forward Voltage Drop High surge Current Capability 2 Page 28 of 86 10 Capcitor 4700uF Polar capacitor 4700uF 16V Radial 2 11 Sensor: Ultrasonic Distance Bitmap Bitmap HC-SR04 Working Voltage: DC 5 V Working Current: 15mA Working Frequency: 40Hz Max Range: 4m Min Range: 2cm Measuring Angle: 15 degree Trigger Input Signal: 10uS TTL pulse Echo Output Signal: Input TTL signal and the range in proportion Dimension: 45*20*15mm 3 12 Line Follower Sensor TCRT5000 Module IR sensor with transistor output Operating Voltage: 5V Diode forward Current: 60mA Output: Analog or digital data Transistor collector current: 100mA (maximum) Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C 3 13 Dual Motor Driver Module Input Voltage: 3.2V~40Vdc Driver: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver Power Supply: DC 5 V - 35 V Peak current: 2 Amps Operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA Control signal input voltage range: Low: -0.3V ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V High: 2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss Enable signal input voltage range: Low: -0.3 ≤ Vin ≤ 1.5V (control signal is invalid) High: 2.3V ≤ Vin ≤ Vss (control signal active) Maximum power consumption: 20W (when the temperature T = 75 °C). Storage temperature: -25 °C ~ +130 °C On-board +5V regulated Output supply (supply to controller board i.e. Arduino) Size: 3.4cm x 4.3cm x 2.7cm 1 14 Jumper Wire: Male to Female strip 10 Pcs 0 10 Pcs Pack Length: 30cm 0.1" Female header contacts on one end, 0.1" male header contacts on other end Standard 0.1" (2.54mm) spacing when placed next to each other Wire Colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white, black Gauge: 28 AWG (0.0126”) 1 15 Jumper Wire: Male to Male Bundle 65 Pcs 0 65 Pcs Pack Length: 25 cm x 4 Pcs 20 cm x 4 Pcs 15 cm x 8 Pcs 10 cm x 49 Pcs 0.1" male header contacts on both ends Standard 0.1" (2.54mm) spacing when placed next to each other Wire Colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white, black Gauge: 28 AWG (0.0126”) 1 16 Robot Chassis 1 x Car Chassis 2 x Gear Motor 2 x Car Tire Tyre Diameter: 6.6cm 2 x Fastener 1 x Universal Wheel 1 x 4-AAcell holder 2 x 20 slot Speed Encoder Minimum Thickness of car chasis: 3mm All parts as showin in picture All Necessary Screws And Nuts 1 17 Ultrasonic sensor Mounts L Shaped 3mm Acrylic Mount for Ultrasonic distance sensor 3 18 Nut Bolts 3mm Diameter 1 Inch Length 6 19 Component Box Capacity: 7.9L / 267.13oz / 33.39cups Length: 323mm / 12.72in Width: 245mm / 9.65in Height: 137mm / 5.39in Hinged clips lock Stackable Clear Plastic 1 No. of Items in Kit 34

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