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Speech Synthesis Module Text-to-Speech Real-Life Pronunciation Syn6288 Send Vb Source Code In Pakistan

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This module has a standard 3.5mm audio interface, which can be connected with audio and power amplifier devices. Reserved speaker interface can directly drive 8 Euro 0.5W speaker. module input voltage can be selected 3-5V any power input, serial port communication is simple. Input Chinese characters can synthesize corresponding audio, output voice through audio output interface, use human pronunciation, add background music function, multiple system voices, only need to send the relevant instruction format to complete.

Usage Method of Speech Synthesis Module Text-to-Speech Real-Life Pronunciation Syn6288:

Application method between computers need to buy the debugging tool of USB to TTL, connect with the voice synthesis module, insert the computer, open the supporting software, input the corresponding text and select the port, then click on synthesis to play the sound of the corresponding text. Application method in single-chip microcomputer MCU needs to have serial port, and use the matching program to modify and transplant the corresponding MCU program, the communication format is: & ldquo; 5 byte frame head + text and rdquo;, that is, to send the corresponding text content and text corresponding calculated frame head through the serial port of MCU. The frame head is about the length and decoding format of the text.

Application Range:

  • Car information terminal voice broadcast, vehicle scheduling, car navigation
  • Bus station, attendance machine
  • Mobile phone, landline
  • Queued number machine, cash register machine
  • Vending machine, information machine, POS machine
  • Intelligent instrumentation, weather warning machine, intelligent transformer
  • Smart toys, smartwatches
  • An electric bicycle, rotating advertising lightbox
  • Voice e-book, color screen storybook, voice electronic dictionary, voice electronic guide
  • Short message playback, news playback
  • Electronic map

Package Include:

  • 1 X Speech Synthesis Module Text-to-Speech Real-Life Pronunciation Syn6288 Send Vb Source Code

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Naveed - July 07, 2022

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