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Arduino Modules

Arduino Modules
Model: Arduino Modules
This LCD2004 is a great I2C interface for 2×16 and 4×20 LCD displays. With the limited pin resources, your project may be out of resources using normal LCD shield. With this I2C interface LCD module, you only need 2 lines (I2C) to display the information. If you already has I2C device..
Rs 120.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
1. IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module sensor when detects an obstacle in front of the signal , the green indicator light on the board level , while low-level continuous output signal OUT port , the module detects the distance 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detec..
Rs 100.00
Model: Arduino Module
This Module (ISD1820 Voice Recording Module in Pakistan) is base on ISD1820, which a multiple-message record/playback device. It can offers true single-chip voice recording, no-volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to 20 seconds. The sample is 3.2k and the total 20s for the Recorder.I..
Rs 230.00
Model: Arduino Module
Description:This L293D driver module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving dc motors and stepper motors. it uses the popular L293D motor driver IC. It can drive 4 dc motors in one direction, or drive 2 dc motors in both the directions. Features: L293D motor driver IC.Male burg..
Rs 180.00
Model: Motor Driver
This L298N Based Motor Driver Module is a high power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It uses the popular L298 motor driver IC and has the onboard 5V regulator which it can supply to an external circuit. It can control up to 4 DC motors, or 2 DC motors with directional ..
Rs 240.00
L9110S Dual DC Motor Driver H-bridge Stepper Motor
Model: Motor Drivers
L9110S Dual DC Motor Driver H-bridge Stepper Motor controller module uses L9110 IC, which makes it possible to control one Stepper Motor or two DC Motors . The supply voltage is from 3 V to 12 V. Continuous current up to 800 mA. The module is equipped with a 6-pin goldpin st..
Rs 150.00
Model: Arduino Module
PCB size: 1.5 x 1.9cmWorking voltage: 5VOutput high level when receive laser signalOutput low level when not receive laser signalNote:The sensor uses a non-modulated laser receiver, please use indoors where no light, sunlight or other fixtures may interfere, recommended for use in dark environments...
Rs 170.00
Model: Arduino Module
KY-008 Laser• Wavelength: 650nm• Operating voltage: 5V• Compatible with Arduino• Bolt holes for easy installationLaser Detector• Translucent laser sensor• Operating voltage: 5V• Digital output• Arduino compatible• To avoid interference from light, it is recommended operating in darker environment• A..
Rs 250.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
For Light intensity detected,light brightness sensors,Smart car moduleUsing the sensitive type photosensitive resistance sensorWaveform of the comparator output signal is good,strong driving abilityWith adjustable potentiometer can adjust and detect the brightness of the lightCome with bolt holes fo..
Rs 80.00
Model: Arduino Module
1 — 4-Channel Bi-Directional Logic Level ConverterLogic Level Converter Bi-Directional SPECIFICATIONS:Convert 4 pins on the high side to 4 pins on the low side or vice versaPower from two voltage sources (high and low); high voltage goes to the HV pin and low voltage to the LV pinPinout labeled on m..
Rs 130.00
Model: Arduino Module
Module parameters:1.single module can drive an 8 * 8 common cathode lattice2.module operating voltage: 5V3.with four screws hole, aperture 3mm, Our M3 Tongzhu fixed4.modules with input and output interface, supports multiple modules cascadeWiring instructions:Module on the left as an input port, out..
Rs 250.00
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