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35W Digital Amplifier Board TDA8932 Mono Audio Power Amplifier Module Low Power Consumption

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This Digital Power Amplifier Board Module 35w Mono Amplifier Module High-Power TDA8932 Low Power Consumption board uses a high-performance digital TDA8932 chip, high efficiency, high power, high-quality sound, without additional installation of heat sink, very suitable for the transformation of active speakers, electro-acoustic project implementation, product development and other audio applications. Specifications:

  1. 35W mono digital amplifier module
  2. Operating voltage: 10V – 15VDC(Also check IC datasheet on google)
  3. Recommended speaker impedance: 8 ohm Best (4 ohm or 6 ohm also works)

Package included: 1 x TDA8932 Digital Amplifier Board

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Adnan Khalid - July 07, 2022