5 V voice recognition module Voice board VRM LD3320 ASR power in Pakistan

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This Voice Recognition Module is a compact and easy-control speaking recognition board. This product is a speaker-dependent voice recognition module.

  1. the microcontroller programming mode (STC) is the same with 51, 52 series microcontroller programming mode, users do not need to re-learn a new microcontroller register, can be programmed directly;
  2. the integrated design, eliminating the tedious unit, has been compatible with the development of source code, direct serial output identification code, the operation is extremely simple.
  3. reserve 16 single-chip IO ports, including a group of eight IO expansion interface, a timer, an external interrupt, can be the smallest system control function of a chip, without support with another MCU to complete the work;
  4. small size, with 3MM standard mounting holes, easy mounting and embedding is very practical;
  5. with the serial communication function set aside the relevant interface and provide 5V, 3.3V power interface for easy download.
  6. with the password mode and normal identification mode, it comes with the source code, it can be secondary development.
  7. Volume 3 * 4.3CM easily integrated into the product device.
  1. Specifications: x 43x29.7mm Supply
  2. voltage: 5 V
  3. IO port output: 3.3 V high level
  4. Communication: serial communication (3.3 v TTL level does not support max232 RS485)
  5. SCM parameters : Model-> STC11L08XE flash-> 8k SRAM-> 1280 eeprom-> 32k
Recommended use:
  1. smart home control
  2. DIY smart car design
  3. Freescale
  4. smart voice control , Personal DIY design
  5. integrated product design voice control
Package Include:

1X5 V voice recognition module Voice board VRM LD3320 ASR power

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Almeer - July 07, 2022