KADA 878D+ Hot Air Gun And Soldering Station

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KADA 878D digital display desoldering station hot air gun electric soldering iron thermostat mobile phone repair toolKADA 878D digital display desoldering station hot air gun electric soldering iron thermostat mobile phone repair tool

Technical indicators Soldering iron parts Power supply voltage: AC: 220V / 50HZ 110V / 60Hz Power consumption: 40W (30V-90W P-P) Temperature range: 200 ----- 480 degrees Celsius Heating element: ceramic long life heating core Tip grounding resistance: ≤1 ohm Tip ground potential: <2 mV Hot air gun part: Power consumption: 550W Temperature range: 100.... 450 degrees Celsius Heating element: high temperature resistant ceramic, wire Wind Tsui Grounding Resistance: <2 ohms Power supply voltage: DC 12V Air pump type: worm gear brushless DC motor Air volume: 100 l / min 878 series "integrated welding" circuit features: ※Multi-functional combination maintenance system, respectively; micro-computer automatic control hot air welding, high-power temperature-controlled lead-free soldering iron. ※Microcomputer (PCU) controls the temperature and airflow of each part, and the display settings and actual parameters. ※The high-power temperature-regulating soldering iron welding part adopts Japanese technology and materials, linear sensor and built-in professional IC, so that the compensation and capture welding temperature time is less than 1 second, realizing a variety of welding tools. ※With intelligent self-checking function, when the machine self-tests and the user does not lift the handle after the machine is turned on, the machine sets itself to complete the sleep state for five minutes. *The hot air welding heating body is equipped with a linear temperature sensor. The micro-computer sampling zero-crossing trigger technology controls the temperature more accurately and stably. The LED screen displays the actual operating temperature. The product is intuitive and reliable. ※The airflow flow rate adopts the snail-driven brushless DC motor, which has extremely low noise and durability. It is controlled in ten steps. The air volume is large and the air is particularly soft. The adjustment range is large, and it is more suitable for various purposes. The hot air handle is equipped with a magnetic sensor. When the handle is held, the system quickly enters the working mode. When the handle is placed back on the handle bracket (to be placed in place), the system will automatically enter the standby state, and the use is more user-friendly. The system has the function of self-service cold house, which greatly prolongs the service life of the mature body and effectively protects it. ※Hot air gun. The temperature is rapid, the temperature is not affected by the amount of air, and it is accurate and stable.

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Sherry - July 07, 2022