Surface Mount RGB SMD LED

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Surface Mount Led is a special type of high power LED lights. With no wires. These SMD LED consists of 3 chips within a surface mount package. The RGB(red, green, blue) LEDs have a water clear lens with a viewing angle of 140 deg. Our RGB LEDs are energy efficient and provide a superior lighting experience. SMD LEDs are widely used in domestic and industrial lighting systems, in vehicles, as well as personal electronic devices such as LED screens, televisions, projectors, and so on.

Specifications Of High Power Transparent RGB LED SMD Mount:

  1. Luminous Intensity:
    • Red: 35lm
    • Green: 60lm
    • Blue: 15lm
  2. Viewing Angle: 140degree
  3. Forward Current: 350mA
  4. Forward Voltage:
    • Red: 2.4-2.6V
    • Green: 3.2-3.4V
    • Blue: 3.2-3.4V
  5. Wavelength:
    • Red: 620-630nm
    • Green: 520-530nm
    • Blue: 460-470nm
  6. Lens Color: Transparent

Package Include:

  • 1x RGB SMD LED

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