Universal Switch Mode Power Supply Repairing Module

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Universal Switch Mode Power Supply Repairing Module

This is a special product for Repairing Engineers who face difficulty while repairing switch mode power supplies of valuable and costly machinery like electro-medical instruments andindustrial instruments.

This module of 3 wires, with the simple connection and diagram circuit, it possesses anti-disturbance and protections of over- voltage, over- current , shot-cut ,error connection. It is simple, rapid installation, working stable, reliable. It is big convenient to the replacement and production development.

This product is suitable to repair, product the switching power supply for TV, monitor,Computer or any other machine which is operated by SMPS.

Here is a brief example of Installation on the color TVas example.

1.Dismantling the switching transistor or thick film circuit, installing the module and insulator on to the heat sink.

2. Red wire to be connected to soldering pas of C pole on switching transistor (D pole on FET) or C pole on related power transistor inside of thick film circuit 3.Black wire to be connected to primary ground of original TV, the soldering pad of E pole on switching transistor(S pole on FET)or E pole on related power transistor inside of thick film circuit, i.e. hot ground

4. Disconnecting horizontal load and connecting 100w bulb, then power on TV, aligning the volume on the module to get required output voltage and other winding output automatically reaching requirement value. This module was preset to mini voltage in factory, the mini voltage tested is 30v-90v, monitor is 20v-50v, VCD/DVD is 3v-8v,these are normal. The output voltage goes up by clockwise alignment, goes down by counter-clockwise alignment.

5.Blue wire is the wire of remote control switch off, which will switch off the output if be connected to hot ground. If the original TV isopt coupler power off, the blue wire is to be connected to C pole of optocoupler, E pole of optocoupler connected to hot ground, all other connections on the C pole of optocoupler must be disconnected. If there is Zener diode at the diode side of optocouple,it must be disconnected. But the power off control until must be retained. ( if one TV installed two optocoupler, the C&E pole on the two optocouplers must be parallet connected). For series connection power supply module installed standby transistor to power off TV, the blue wire tio be connected to C pole connection power supply module installed standby transistor to power off TV, the blue wire to be connected to C pole of standby transistor and disconnected to C pole.

6.Blue wire also works as the precise voltage alignment wire. If the photo size varies according to audio volume after installed module, the voltage can be precisely aligned by re-connected original TV Zener diode to optocoupler and blue wire. It it necessary to align this module voltage up to 20v by use of alternative load when using original TV Zener diode, then connects Zener diode, now output volt of module is closed to the original TV because original Zener controls volt down, if the volt is not closed to required value or extremely lower after connecting original Zener device, it means the Zener device of original TV is faulty.

7.If there is noise , disturbance after installed module, first disconnected other components on C pole of switching power transistor and parallel connected absorbing circuit-R1(22~47/3w-5w)and (4770pf~1000pf/1kv~2kv) see diagram 2, on the primary side of switching transformer. If there is sharp noise in series power module, please disconnected the parallel capacitor on the follow current diode.

8.If it cannot be started,unusual voltage or auto protected, please inspect primary &secondary rectifier diode,filter capacitor,switching transformer and relative load whether this is any short-cut. For instance, if the blue wire is connected, it must be disconnected in order to check whether the non starting is caused by remote control power off circuit acted or spoiled.

9.If ofiginal TV installed thick film circuit such as STR6309 and the main voltage extremely goes down when shut down and supply working voltage to CPU, it is necessary to setup additional power supply circuits to CPU. In addition, if TV installed special power supply which is not suitable to install this product to the TV. But the module must be aligned to lowest voltage before installation to avoid the high voltage spoil components when applied this module to other products. It is normal when the output voltage is unstable even sharp noise when the module output is the wide range and some voltage was not aligned to the workable value.

10.If TV cannot be power on after power off, please check the power off circuit whether the components work properly. If power off circuit works properly, please connect one resistor 4.7k~8.21k/5w~10w between B and ground

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